Charles Wysocki was an American painter. His paintings depicted true Americana. Most of his images are outdoor scenes, often with horse and buggies. From what I have seen online, most of his artwork for puzzles are licensed with Buffalo Games. I believe there are 140 different Wysocki puzzles. I could be wrong, but that is what I have found in my research. Again, most are Americana scenes, but he also has the odd cat in his collection of work.

Wyoski Puzzle

I would say that Wysocki is one of the most popular puzzle artists out there. People who like his work, really like it, and will collect them. Others are not fans of his work at all. I found there was an extreme to this. You either love or hate them. I have completed about 5 of his puzzles and I can appreciate them. Do I love them? No. But – there is something comforting about the familiarity of the images. They have a distinct style. They are so similar. After a while, you can read a Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, or John Grisham book and they are the same story. They change a venue and switch out the names, and it’s the same idea. That’s how I feel about Wysocki. You know what you are getting. You can always recognize a Wysocki puzzle. I also like that they are just easy to complete. There is a relaxing aspect to the simplicity of a Wysocki puzzle. I just completed two – Dampy Donuts on a Dreary Day and Sugar & Spice. The latter is in stock if you are interested. 

Charles Wysocki Puzzle

Here are some of the other ones we have:

Root Beer Break at the Butterfields

Rockland Breakwater Light

Country Life: A Southern Warm Welcome

I asked the question online about what people think of his art - and I received about 80 responses to my question.

Some people will only do a Wysocki if they are given the puzzle. They won’t buy one, but they will do them. Some people do them as break between harder puzzles because they are easy or if they really like the picture. Some people just do not like them at all. It’s like that with anything.

At the end of the day, I found that more people loved Charles Wysocki than not. And that makes sense, given his popularity.

If you are a fan folk art, simple images, and history, you will like Charles Wysocki. They are a nice option when you want a comforting image. Root Beer Break and Moonlight and Roses are on my wish list.

Are you a fan of Charles Wysocki? Let me know!