November is here, and people are starting to take their holiday puzzles out of hibernation. Personally, my puzzling holds no seasonal limitations. I just grab and go.

Today, I am going to write about the Art & Fable puzzle that I just completed. This is a very premium brand, and a niche brand, that is loved by everyone who tries one. They don’t get a lot of love in mainstream puzzling, mostly because of the price point. Additionally, they are simply not as well-known because they have limited distribution.

Art & Fable believes in supporting artists. The puzzle images are paintings in puzzle form. The company wants to allow a way for painters to show their work through puzzles. As stated on their website:

Our mission is simple :

To kindle curiosity and ignite enthusiasm for visual art in the modern world through the simple and profound pleasure of puzzling.

That’s an admirable and original idea and unique in the puzzling world.

The puzzle I did was A Day in the Garden, and the artist is Betsy Silverman. It was a nice reflection image of trees and a boat against the water and tiny bits of font with wording throughout.

Art & Fable Puzzle

The packaging is beautiful. The box is solid with a photo of the artist and a description of her artistic style on the back. it also comes with a cardboard print of the image, a box stand, and an extra bag for your puzzle pieces. I was very impressed by this. It really added something to the experience.

The pieces are described as having a “velvet-touch surface”. They are not quite velvet. I would describe them as smooth, comparable to silky chalk in feel. The pieces are standard cut, no unusual shapes. They are equal in thickness and size to Ravensburger, and I really enjoyed the smooth and seamless fit. There was no puzzle dust and zero glare from the matte pieces. The actual puzzle quality is outstanding, and I honestly have never done a puzzle that compares.

Art & Fable Puzzle Image

However, I just couldn’t connect to the image and that’s a personal thing. I love art, and I love puzzles, but I felt disconnected from the image, and I just didn’t find it fun. There are a few other Art & Fable images that I like, and I would definitely try another if it came across my table.

The other thing I would like to mention is that prices on these puzzles are higher than the average. Prices start at $29.99 for 500 pieces, and $39.99 for 1000. They are special. Unique. Giftable. A treat. If you like to frame your puzzles, or frame artwork, this is a puzzle for you.

All in all, this is a special brand. It’s a beautiful quality. I strongly recommend that every puzzler give one a try. Sincerely. I loved the quality and the packaging, and I was struggling on where to find fault. Then I realized that the image just wasn’t for me. Not every brand or image is for everyone. That’s why we have so many options. 😊

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Give them a try and let me know what you think!