Tom Newsom

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  • Santa's Naptime, Tom Newsome

     Poor St. Nick is totally exhausted from his yearly journey – and, after all that, he’s expected to come home and play with his large family of puppies and kittens!...
  • Santa Painting Cars, Tom Newsom

    Santa doesn't leave all the toy-making to his elves, he takes on some of the production himself. He finds particular satisfaction in painting the toy cars.
  • Merry Christmas to All, Tom Newsom

    Flying high in the sky with a sleigh full of toys, Santa wishes the town below a ho ho ho and a Merry Christmas to All as he heads off...
  • Santa's Lucky Stocking, Tom Newsom (Family Puzzle)

    It's not only human kids that get on Santa's list, good puppies and kittens are on there, too. One particular pup wants to see if Saint Nick has any presents...
  • Santa's Workbench, Tom Newsom

    At Santa's Workbench we find good Ol' Saint Nick's attention taken up with the painting of his sailboat. Will the wooden animals get painted before Christmas? Another wonderful Tom Newsom Santa puzzle...
  • Santa's Tree

    Take an adventure with Cobble Hill's 1000 piece random cut puzzle that includes a reference poster for Tom Newsom's Santa.
  • Santa's Playtime, Tom Newsom

    It's Santa's Playtime and he always chooses time with his furry friends, the cats and dogs. Enjoy this wonderful 1000 piece Tom Newsom Christmas puzzle featuring his beloved Santa Claus.
  • Up on the Rooftop, Tom Newsom (Family-350pcs)

    The town is silent on this moonlit night as Santa lands Up On The Rooftop with his reindeer. He's ready to deliver toys to sleeping boys and girls around the world. With...
  • Santa's Hobby, Tom Newsom

    It's obvious that Santa's Hobby is trains and more trains! The beloved Tom Newsom captures Santa at his busiest time of the year in his workshop. There's no time to lose for...

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