I have three puzzles in process at this time.  I was working on a fun KI as well as a Cobble Hill puzzle. Then, I received a great puzzle in a trade and I just had to do it.

Introducing – Ravensburger Village Harbor from 2014. There is something about these old vintage Ravensburger puzzles that are just so special. I LOVE finding a puzzle that I never knew existed, that I have never seen, and also find out it is a rare puzzle.

I am enjoying every minute of this puzzle. It has a Charles Wysocki vibe to it – with the storefronts and horses and buggies. This particular image is like a painting. The image is not sharp and is more brushed like in the image texture. I was not sure how to attack it once I saw that because I have trouble when the pieces are not crystal clear. You can see in my photos how the puzzle has that antique look.

Ravensburger Village Harbor Puzzle

The first thing I did was sort through the box for the words and I created little piles of each store. Once I started sorting, I realized that each building had its own distinct color and there were a number of patterns for the tapestry. I continued to make small piles and just assembled each portion separately.

I’m not done yet, but I wanted to send this blog over and I will send a photo of the finished puzzle soon. I do a lot of puzzles. Sometimes they all look the same, and the experience can lose some of its magic. In this case, I wanted to share. There is something about this puzzle that is magical. I want to take a walk through the stores and get some ice cream. I am getting lost in the details of the image and I am taking my time. These old Ravensburgers feel different to me too.

As you do your puzzles, keep looking for the magic. Find images that speak to you. There are so many puzzles out there, and it is always a wonderful experience to find one that will surprise you.

Do you have any experiences like that? Any puzzles that speak to you?

Let me know in the comments!