Cobble Hill is one of my favorite brands. I love the unique shape of the pieces and the matte linen-like finish. I have never found anything that compares.

The downside for me is that I can’t always find an image that I like. There are a lot of birds and animals, and I am not a huge fan. However, they have a few artists that I really appreciate so I gravitate to those.

Shelley Davies is the artist who created the Rainbow series of puzzles with all the amazing colors. She also created this one, which I completed for my daughter.

Cobble Hill  Cobble Hill- back to School

Can I say how much I love the new smaller box size? The previous boxes were so bulky. As always, Cobble Hill includes a full-size poster, which is always appreciated.

This puzzle is a fun school themed puzzle with lots of red, yellow, and other primary colors. This puzzle makes a great teacher gift too! It is full of pencils, erasers, and all kinds of classroom items.

It’s always difficult to sort a cobble hill puzzle. None of the pieces are the same shape. For that reason, I don’t really sort these. My strategy is more of a pick and place, where I group as many items as possible that I can recognize. One other tip is to grab as many pieces as possible with lettering and font.

Back to school  Back to school jigsaw puzzle

This was a very challenging puzzle. There are so many tiny details that I had to look closely at each piece!  And there were so many pencils! it was very satisfying when it was finished!

All in all, Cobble Hill is an easy recommend.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!